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Minesweeper App featuring

Leaderboards, Achievements and Animations!

MinesweeperMinesweeper Game App

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Game Description

Minesweeper is a challenging puzzle game that replicates the game from the early days of the personal computer. Excitement and competition are added by means of Leaderboards and Achievements! Leaderboards show your best winning times and number of wins versus other players and Achievements track your milestones as you play the game and become better and better.

There are 3 Time-based Leaderboards: Best Times - Easy, Best Times - Medium and Best Times - Hard. These various difficulty levels will show players of all skill levels how they stack up against the competition.

There are also 3 Leaderboards which keep track of your Total Wins: Most Wins - Easy, Most Wins - Medium and Most Wins - Hard.

There are many Achievements. Some are based on your winning times, and some are based on how many winning times you post. Achievements are both revealed and hidden. As you play the game and post your wins, you will see the revealed achievements accomplished and the hidden ones will be revealed!

Posting a Score

If you are logged in to Google Game Services, your score will be posted automatically when you win the game.

Get it on Google Play