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Our Mission


Our Mission at EverydayGames is to connect casual game players from all over the world through friendly competition.

Not only do we create exciting, fun games, but we always provide Leaderboards so you can post your score for the whole world to see, and Achievements so you can track your progress playing the game.

Our games also feature great animations, which players tell us greatly increases their enjoyment of the game.

Our Games

EverydayGames currently features Freecell, Pyramid Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Minesweeper and Space Lander Android apps. Please see our brief game descriptions below, or click an icon to go to the game's info page.

Freecell Pyramid Klondike Minesweeper


FreecellA classic game of Freecell, featuring 6 Leaderboards, 33 Achievements and great animations! Win the game and your wins, scores and time will be posted for the whole world to see!

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Pyramid Solitaire

PyramidPyramid Solitaire is a fast-moving game where the challenge is to remove cards that sum to 13. Non-face cards are worth their values, Aces are worth 1, Jacks are worth 11, Queens are worth 12 and Kings are worth 13. Therefore, Kings may be removed without pairing them with another card. Every move is animated, so all you have to do is simply touch a card and it will move for you.

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Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Klondike Solitaire is a fully animated classic solitaire game. Just tap a card to move it! When you win, your score will be posted to Leaderboards and Achievements for all to see!

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Minesweeper Game

Minesweeper Classic Minesweeper game mimics the game many of us played on our computers in the 1990's! EverydayGames Minesweeper features 9 Leaderboards and Numerous Achievements! There's a help screen with the rules.

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Space Lander Game

Space Lander

Space Lander is a simulation of landing on the lunar surface. Challenges are: Limited fuel, small landing area, speed must not be too high, and descent angle must not be too steep. There are 3 levels of increasing difficulty. You must land 3 times in level one, and 4 times in level 2 to advance to the next level. Each successful landing gives you one more "life" or landing attempt.

To control the spacecraft, tap Left or Right buttons and tap Lift to fire the engine. Be careful to conserve fuel!

There are also asteroids which can destroy the space craft. Your defense against asteroids is a laser beam. Click the Laser button to fire as an asteroid approaches the spacecraft.

Points gained per successful landing: 500 x level. Points lost per crash: 100 points. If an asteroid destroys the ship, you lose 150 points.

There are 2 Leaderboards: Most Landings in a Single Game, and Highest Points for single game. Leaderboards are updated when the player pauses the game and returns to the Main Menu.

The music track is "Something Mental" by Riccardo Columbo.

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